The word bullion originated from French word bullion meaning the froth on a boiling liquid. In the ancient days the word bullion was applied to gold or silver which had not been coined, and therefore it was in the bar form. Nowadays things are different with the introduction of gold and silver which are particularly meant for sale as bullion.

In most cases, bullion is issued nominally as legal tenders. However, the coins value as currency is far much higher than that of its value as bullion. One benefit of purchasing coins that have been minted is that it gives them an additional premium on top of their bullion value. This is usually linked to the kind of finish that the coins have and the assurance of their purity. A further advantage is that some sets of bullion gold coins are issued in relatively small runs, and therefore there is a likelihood that some of these sets will be followed up by collectors in the coming days.  

The British gold sovereign is a gold coin that straddles the divide on whether it is a purely a bullion coin and a collectible. This coin has been mined in huge numbers since it was first discovered. Most of the dates are easily found and thus they trade at a small premium over bullion price. Ther are some that are hard to find and trade almost purely on their scarcity. The most common size of the current bullion coin is one ounce.

Most people may not see the need of buying a bullion gold coin. However, you should know that putting your money does not produce much interest. Again, the increasing rate of inflation is reducing the net profit by a great amount. Investors must, therefore, consider other options to maintain their profits. Investing in the stock market may be quite complex and scary for those the beginners. The safest way of investing that one can consider is investing in the gold coins. The profits from such investments are almost assured. Buying gold coins is a good way to start your venture this is because you don't have to dig deep into your pocket for you to start gathering gold coins as a form of investment.

You can purchase gold coins from the jewelers, from banks and other financial institutions. Apart from buying the gold coins, you can also purchase gold bullion whose value depends entirely on their weight.

Gold Bullion And Coins And Why They Are An Excellent Means Of Investment